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This information will give you the best possible knowledge about opportunities you can use to accelerate your business.


What do you know about SMM?

It’s for a reason that we decided to start with this question – only the full understanding of how everything works will enable you to comprehend the fascinating world of Social Media Marketing.


Bear with a few boring definitions and some theory.

In our country, it’s common knowledge that SMM is a set of activities aimed at promoting and communicating your brand among customers via social media. However, everyone tends to have their own understanding of what this ‘set’ is.


Focus is mostly placed on creating visual and textual content, as well as targeted advertising, and on engaging influencers. These activities will definitely turn out effective, especially if you know what you are aiming at and hire professionals. However, the list of services that can help you meet your business goals doesn’t end here.


Present-day SMM is not limited to creating content and posting it on social media. It’s actually a long list of other tasks, i.e. communications with your customers, loyalty building, positioning of your brand, etc. With the help of SMM you will get new customers, increase the average check size as well as brand awareness.

Social media know everything about their users. Why not make use of this information?


Do you want to attract more clients?

Is your goal to make people view your brand or product as something valuable?

Would you like to attract people’s attention and increase brand awareness?

Do you want to inform people of promotions and special offers?

Are you trying to attract new audience and boost activity in your social media accounts?


Targeted advertising is the answer to all these goals.

Targeting is a group of advertisements broadcast to a certain audience. Thanks to targeted advertising you can strike your target audience highly interested in you, your product or service.

Understanding of processes, marketing and target audience of the client are most important in design.


Remember that a book is judged by its cover. First impression makes up 90% of success. Visual identity is what distinguishes your brand from many others and makes the client set their eyes on your company, be it your site, your social media account, your ad or branded merchandise.


Your visual identity is not limited to your logo and brand colors.



  • Reflects your company’s philosophy and values and conveys those to your potential clients.
  • Helps the audience to instantaneously identify goods and services as yours.
  • Increases the value of your goods or services in perception of your current and potential clients.


We’ve been doing E2E packaging for our clients for over three years

Brand identity and logos, web-design and design of social media communities, packaging and presentation of products. We have a vast experience in creating not only good-looking but also effective brand content.

A well-thought-out and flawlessly working site is:


  • A great landing to which you can direct your traffic in order to introduce your goods and services to it.
  • A powerful analytical ground that allows collecting a lot of data in order to improve your business.
  • An ideal tool for collecting user metrics, client database and further interaction with them.
  • One of the best tools for obtaining search traffic and converting it into sales.
  • The best way to automate, digitalize and control your business.


We have a vast experience in creating landings, large online stores, online learning platforms and fully automated systems. We are ready to get any job done to meet your business’s needs.

You are a company’s agent, a marketing specialist, a manager, an SMM person — doesn’t matter. You have numerous tasks due yesterday. Social media communications is a separate pool of such tasks.


Stop putting off outlining your company’s strategy for social media activities. Outsource it to experts like us.


What’s the process?

We will interview you, which will take only 5-7 minutes of your time. Then, while processing the gathered information, we might ask you some extra questions should they arise, which will take another couple of minutes. On an agreed day you will get your social media promotion strategy all ready to use. 7-9 minutes isn’t that much, is it?


What’s the result?

First, we do a thorough analysis: your company’s activity on social media, current situation, competitors, and the audience’s need for your goods or services. Then we set goals. That’s right – following the analysis, not prior to it. Then we select suitable tools and provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them. You can either implement the strategy yourself (we will train you to do that) or let us do it for you.

Within this strategy we will:


  • Outline the goal of advertising communication.
  • Analyze the target audience of this advertising communication: gender, age, geography, needs, and triggers.
  • Develop advertising communication: general concept, offers, criteria for photo and video content.
  • Choose communication channels and instruct you on what formats are to be used for visuals and offers.
  • Develop an advertising campaign strategy, KPI tracker and the list of responsible specialists.


A creative strategy is to generate a message that consists of a textual and visual component and to list the most effective methods that will help deliver this message to your target audience. Simply put, a creative strategy answers the questions ‘What?’ and ‘How?’. And our goal is to reach potential consumers with the kind of message that will make them purchase your goods or services.

Make yourself and your business known.


Advertising will help you increase the level of awareness as well as loyalty to your brand, and, as a result, lead to excellent sales. But what’s to be done to ensure your advertising campaign is really effective, your advertising budget is used properly and ads are seen by your target audience?


We can help! Designing an advertising campaign for you we will:

  • Detect your target audience and its triggers.
  • Outline all specifications and scripts for creative ads.
  • Shoot, process and edit all necessary photo/video content.
  • Develop effective offers using your unique merchandise.


We will manage the entire process of your advertising campaign. All you have to do is approve one of the suggested options and handle the flow of incoming requests.

The majority of clients actively use their smartphones for shopping. To be the best, you’ve got to be convenient.


If people surf the Internet using their smartphones for things they need, why not provide them with an opportunity to buy what they want with the help of a simple and friendly interface? We are not going to dwell on all the functions of mobile applications. A short list of key advantages will be enough to make the right decision.


Quick Communication

The application will be installed only by users interested in your services or goods. You will have a direct contact with the target audience that will be happy to receive information on new releases, promotions and special offers.


Visual identity

The smartphone is always handy. People spend any spare minute on their gadget. Having downloaded the application, customers will have permanent visual contact with your brand, which will have a very positive effect on loyalty building.



Mobile applications attract clients by convenience and promptness offering new ways of communication with the company. Use of geolocation, notifications, personal calendars and integrations with social media is only part of what an application can offer.


Quick purchase

A mobile application can store a lot of data about your clients: credit card data, shopping records, preferences and so on. Thanks to proper segmenting and timely notifications, your clients will be able to make purchases in no time.

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