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Armstrong Handmade

ARMSTRONG is a team of more than 20 people. Although all of them have different responsibilities, as a team they share one goal – to create accessories their users love, admire and brag about.


It’s photography that shapes your destiny on Instagram. We plan monthly photo shoots for Armstrong Handmade, taking into consideration upcoming holidays, promotions and seasonal things. This brand sells goods made from supple leather and dark tint fabric, and our goal is to capture that.

Guide Book

Does an Instagram account need a guide book? Yes, if you want people to recognize you at first glance.
With Armstrong Handmade, we started off by doing the design. We agreed on fonts, colors, highlights content, and uniform design for offers and motion graphics.


You may have the best product ever but it won’t sell without attractive visual content on social media. We often experiment with various formats to find what’s perfect for this exact audience.

Motion Design

Good videos sell. Every offer can be effectively presented in video format. By the way, it’s one of the components of effective targeted advertising.

Targeted Advertising


  1. To increase site sales with the help of targeted advertising
  2. To increase brand awareness on Instagram


Before we took this job, targeting was extremely rare. As for us, we detected key cores of audiences, scaled up the advertising campaign and attracted the target audience to the site.

In total, we ran 112 campaigns. Thanks to them, we traced the most effective advertising formulas and used them in further promoting activities.


Nothing has to distract a client in the ‘come → see → buy → win’ process, therefore it was decided to make the site simple and nice-looking.

A lot of ‘air’, many goodies and speed. What could be better?

Project completed
Игорь Платонов
Управляющий проектом
Мари Броднева
Василий Щербаков
Евгений Медведев
Дизайн / Motion-дизайн / Web-дизайн
Настя Alma
Артур Мотолянец
Влада Шенеберг
Мария Великосельская
Работа с блогерами
Никита Хромов


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