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Scientists studying Baikal discovered a layer of purest connate water with unique properties at a depth between 400 and 500 meters. This layer doesn’t get mixed up with other layers and differs by unchangeable composition and high oxygen saturation. BAIKAL430 is obtained from this layer at a 430-meter depth.

The market of bottled mineral and spring water is so saturated that it’s hardly possible to promote a brand without a well-thought-out strategy. We undertook the challenge of developing a promotion strategy for BAIKAL430.


It’s pure pleasure to work with a nicely designed product. The more so if it comes from gorgeous Lake Baikal. Fascinating expanses of endless waters together with smart graphics make you want to take a screenshot of the ad and set it as wallpaper on your phone.

SMM Strategy


    To increase brand equity of BAIKAL430.


1. SWOT analysis (including analysis of the current situation on the company’s social media). Key findings: promotion is based on user content, lack of narrative, lack of appropriate TOV, manipulation with figures.

2. Competitor analysis. Key findings: different consumer segments and traffic sources.

3. As an experiment, the audience was classified by archetypes. As a result, archetype codes were used for visual and textual materials for social media.

Alternative view of the label and interpretation of behavioral and psychographic characteristics of consumers allows proposing a hypothesis that Seeker archetype is primary and Ruler archetype is auxiliary. Taking into consideration the price positioning, clients are expectedly people with high social status who value inner freedom and control. Comparison with a water spring is relevant for BAIKAL430: water was found where no one really looked. 430 meters beneath the surface is the barrier this water overcomes to be bottled. Such message will make potential consumers identify themselves with BAIKAL430 as people capable of discovering new personal traits and new things about the world, being able to challenge themselves and overcome difficulties.

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