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Biorepair toothpaste line was launched in 2006. What is unique about it is that it helps rebuild tooth enamel with innovative microRepair particles.

Formula of these particles was developed and patented as a result of cooperation between Coswell’s research laboratory and the Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Structural Chemistry (LEBSC) of the University of Bologna (Italy).


Have you ever seen a pretty Instagram account for toothpaste? Neither have we. Brands in this niche use other communication channels, which is good for us.

    It’s always great to promote a high-quality FMCG. Four photo shoots: studio portraits, product shoot and interior shoot. Then only little is left to do — paid social and sales.

Account Design

Company’s brand book is often not meant for Instagram design. It’s our designer’s job to include general account design and creative ads design to it.

Motion Design

    Key target audience of the brand includes moms who are concerned about their children’s dental health (sponsored statement). Therefore, part of motion graphics was designed especially for them.

Targeted Advertising


  1. To increase brand awareness with the help of targeted advertising
  2. To increase Instagram engagement
  3. To stimulate the audience to purchase


Before we jumped in, advertising campaign was primitive. No structure, no click funnel, no optimization. Since site was under construction, we focused mainly on attracting the audience to the account. First, we built a mind map showing the target audience and went through the segments. We developed several targeted offers for each segment, which helped us to identify high-potential layers of the audience and effective advertising formulas.

Project completed
Наташа Князева
Василий Щербаков
Евгений Медведев
Дизайн / Motion-дизайн
Настя Alma
Артур Мотолянец
Никита Хромов


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