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HOLI yoga & cafe

Brand name and philosophy derive from the word ‘holistic’ — integrated approach that applies to the entire facility occupied by the studio.

Every person chooses a tool for personal development themselves. HOLI offers various yoga and meditation classes, food, education, communication with other people.


After meeting the instructors, we seriously considered starting practicing yoga ourselves — you don’t often get to see such nice and hearty people.

People often tend to pay little attention to self-presentation and positive impression, which is important when you are selling a service. It’s twice as important when it’s something as personal as practice: you need to be able to trust a person fully to feel comfortable during the classes.

To show the HOLI’s atmosphere was our photographer’s goal. We hope he succeeded.

Account Design

Natural style, nothing extra and all in accord with the brand book — nice non-distracting visuals.

SMM Strategy


    The key goal of this strategy is to attract clients to the ‘HOLI yoga & café’ brand. To create image and brand awareness on social media.


— Market analysis revealed that no yoga studio in Moscow offers such options as healthy food and premium-class positioning. Therefore, these things were taken as the basis for USP.

— Target audience.

— Visual and verbal positioning and step-by-step plan for further development of social media channels.

Project in progress
Анастасия Черепанова
Игорь Платонов
Управляющий проектом
Кристина Савинцева
Артемий Сердитов
Настя Alma
Артур Мотолянец
Влада Шенеберг


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