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Skypark AJ Hackett

Skypark is the first and only thrill park in Russia located in a unique place – the Akhshtyrskoye gorge of Sochi National Park.

Motion Design

To fly up in the sky held by just a wire rope with miles of space beneath and around you is indescribable. And our videos are like the anticipation of this feeling.

Targeted Advertising


    1. To increase brand awareness with the help of targeted advertising
    2. To boost activity in the account
    3. To attract new audience to the account
    4. To stimulate the audience to visit the park


We didn’t see what our predecessors had done, and therefore started from the ground up. First, we designed a mind map showing the target audience and worked out all the segments. We developed several content options for each activity and each offer provided by the client:

— Motion videos in posts and stories
— Static creative ads with elements of graphic design
— Texts of varying emotional coloring

As a result, we managed to find perceptive audience layers and effective advertising formulas to cover both local audience and tourists.

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